As some fitness centers reopen, public health experts cringe
Slow running is important but is never glorified. When I scroll my various Facebook running groups (even my over 60 years old groups), I always see posts like “Just ran 10 miles at 6:25 pace,” or “Did 15 miles at 7:45 pace.” I never see “Today’s workout was 6 easy miles at 10:30 pace.” But slow running should be the lifeblood of your training program.
Completing a debut marathon changes everyone’s life. However, everyone has their own perspective. Everyone became a different person after they crossed that finish line. For most people, the first marathon changes their life in a positive way. When I completed my debut marathon, it did change my life in a positive way.
What to look out for when you’re starting out.
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I’m not an expert runner, so I certainly can’t speak for everyone. I’m doing it for fun. Right now I run three times a week. I’m doing it to get in better shape, and maybe enter a few 5K races, and enjoy myself. But I’m fairly new to the sport, at least as far as running outside in the real world is concerned.
When actually running isn’t an option for you to improve your running fitness, there are alternatives
Practice breeds improvement. Warming up primes practice.
Building the butt of your dreams is simple: you just need the right moves. These 7 best exercises for a round butt are all isolation focused to work that large glute muscle.
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When it comes to fitness, there’s no such thing as too much equipment. Fitness is a hobby that improves your health and elongates your life. And with a hobby like that, of course you want all the stuff. These top Amazon gifts for fitness lovers are ideal to treat your family or yourself.