Pickled potatoes go with everything. Yes, really.
The gorgeous new cookbook ‘Vegan JapanEasy’ by Tim Anderson contains a soup recipe that truly blew me away
A friendly introduction to adding Japanese sea vegetables into your diet
How to get a basket of warm, salty, fresh french fries at home without a deep fryer
Once you customize an in-house ketchup recipe perfectly matched to your taste, you’ll never go back to the squeeze bottle
This raw vegan treat uses a date crust and creamy coconut filling for a perfect dessert that won’t heat your entire apartment
This vegan chocolate pudding is SO delicious and so easy you’ll want to make it all the time. It’s also a perfect make-ahead dessert option!
This butternut squash hummus is made with roasted butternut squash to pack in the flavor! It’s creamy and smooth and it makes the perfect dip!
Quick and easy vegan overnight oats with chia seeds and almond butter! Simple recipe for a healthy, nutritious and delicious breakfast.
This vegan malva pudding is rich, sticky, caramely and saucy! It’s totally divine served warm with vegan whipped cream or ice cream.
These bakery-style vegan chocolate muffins have a gorgeous domed top and are ultra moist and decadent and packed with chocolate chips and chocolate chunks!
This vegan caramel pie is a fabulous mix of salty and sweet with a salty pretzel crust, a smooth caramel center and a vegan whipped cream topping!
This baked tofu is the best ever. It’s super crispy and super delicious, easy to make and perfect for a high protein meal.
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